A Canadian company founded in 2002, Prollenium Medical Technologies develops cutting edge products in the medical devices industry. Our focus on aesthetics and our fully integrated approach to development and production enables us to create products that reflect a true understanding of the market and real-world applications.

true insight

Prollenium works in tandem with a worldwide network of respected aesthetic physicians and nurses. We leverage real-world insight and first-hand knowledge to develop and optimize our premium lines of dermal fillers, facial aesthetics and skincare products.
Our goal is to re-imagine standards with revolutionary products optimized for ease of use and results.

high standards

We are committed to ensuring that our products are every bit as safe as they are effective. Our products are made in limited batch sizes with a fully integrated process that aligns product development, manufacturing and quality control. All of our products are manufactured with rigorous testing and oversight, ensuring they consistently meet the highest standards.
We are driven by the belief that our patients and providers deserve the best.

best in class

Prollenium’s paramount product, Revanesse, is a line of cross-linked hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal fillers – a true example of our attention to detail and end-to-end capabilities. Revanesse is developed, manufactured and distributed by Prollenium in Ontario, Canada. We accredit Revanesse’s success to our commitment to quality, attention to detail, best in class manufacturing standards and hands-on oversight. Today, Revanesse can be found in over 80 countries worldwide.

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our course

Prollenium Medical Technologies began partnering with a worldwide network of respected aesthetic physicians and nurses to develop and produce dermal treatments aimed at providing an exceptional experience and results.
Due to its commitment to innovation in the field, Prollenium brought research and development in-house. This gave the company a way to rapidly develop and optimize products based on its unique insight.
Prollenium opened the first manufacturing facility for dermal fillers in Canada to ensure that its dermal fillers adhered to the highest quality standards. Today, each syringe is still individually inspected for quality assurance before leaving the facility.

Product development and advancement is a top priority as Prollenium remains committed to the belief that its providers and patients deserve the best.


Prollenium Medical is committed to product excellence and is proud to be a registered ISO 13485:2016 company. Prollenium is an FDA Approved Facility.