Ario Khoshbin

Founder & President

Known for his tenacious and hardworking nature, Ario founded Prollenium Medical Technologies in 2002, while studying business at York University in Toronto, with a $300.00 loan from his parents. By 2003, he pivoted the company to emphasize consumables with a focus on cosmetic injectables. The shift led to the development of the Revanesse® family of HA dermal fillers. With noteworthy effort and unwavering commitment, Ario has personally overseen the growth of Prollenium into a globally relevant, multi-million-dollar player in the medical aesthetics community.

"This has been my life's work and the only job I have had since I was 22. My greatest satisfaction is the success and betterment of the lives of our employees who have helped our company flourish."

–Ario Khoshbin