“So many people think business is about selling things. It's not.
It’s about the relationships you have with people."
-Ario Khoshbin​


Khasha Ighanian, President


Ario Khoshbin, Founder and CEO


Where it all began – and where we stand today.

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2002 Founded

Prollenium® Medical Technologies was founded by Ario Khoshbin with a $300 loan. The company started as a distributor of laser devices for an American aesthetic laser company. Khasha Ighanian joined Prollenium® as a partner later in the year.

2004 New Agreements

Prollenium® shifted its focus to distributing HA dermal fillers, signing an international licensing and manufacturing agreement with a German University to manufacture dermal fillers called “Hylanew.” Unfortunately, the product was not up to the standards demanded by Prollenium® – leading to Ario’s realization that they needed to make a better product themselves.

Soon after, a new R&D team was hired and a lab was found to develop an advanced HA formulation with optimized cross-linking. Months of tireless effort led to the cutting-edge technology of Revanesse®.

2008 Bringing it Home

Prollenium® made the move to bring all research and development in-house, so that we could rapidly develop products and ensure every step of the process met our rigorous quality standards.

2011 First Manufacturing

Prollenium® opened the first manufacturing facility for dermal fillers in Canada to ensure that its products adhered to the highest quality standards. Today, each syringe is still individually inspected for quality assurance before leaving the facility.

Today, Prollenium® remains the only manufacturer of HA dermal fillers in North America

2020+ Growth

Prollenium® currently has over 150 full-time employees. We have outgrown our current facility and have added a new state-of-the-art 70,000 square foot facility in Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada.


Our commitment to product development, innovative research and manufacturing means we will continue to revolutionize the medical aesthetics market while maintaining to be one of the leading manufacturers of HA fillers, worldwide.