Earn Valuable Rewards

Prollenium Rewards is a loyalty program for the premier aesthetic treatments produced by Prollenium Medical Technologies. With the app, you can earn and redeem valuable rewards for Revanesse treatments. The app will also help you stay connected with your favorite provider and be notified when they are offering promotions. *For US Customers Only

Earning rewards has never been so easy.

How it works

Download Prollenium Rewards on Apple iTunes or Google Play to search for and select a provider near you!

our rewards app will help you:

  • Search for and select your favorite local aesthetic clinic or provider.
  • Get instant notifications about exclusive offers and events.
  • Earn and redeem valuable rewards like a free Revanesse syringe and discounts on treatments within the app.
  • Use the Refer a Friend feature to acquire and redeem even more discounts and benefits.
  • Purchase and use gift cards with ease. Eliminate the hassle of remembering to bring a gift card to your appointment or wondering how much credit you have left.

Download the App to get started today!

Patient FAQs

How Do I Purchase a Gift Card?
You can easily purchase a Gift Card by:
1. Open Prollenium Rewards and on the main screen and click “Purchase a gift card”. Next, enter the recipients email address and select the city where the clinic is located. You can even delay the gift card so it is sent at a specific date/time.OR
2. Navigate to the clinic that you’d like to purchase a gift card from. Then click on “Purchase a gift card” located at the bottom of their profile.
How Do I Contact Epoxy?

You can reach us by phone at 1-619-547-1770 or by email at app@prollenium.com

How Do I Contact Prollenium?

You can reach us at 905-508-1469 or by email at app@prollenium.com

How Do I Reset my Password?
There are a variety of ways to reset your password.
If you are having trouble logging in, simply click the “Forgot Password” link below the sign-in button on the login screen.
If you are already logged-in and would like to update your password, click on Menu -> Your Profile -> and then enter a new password in the New Password field.
How do I enter an employee code?
If your camera does not appear when you try to scan a Rewards Card, you will need to Enable Prollenium in your “Settings” under Privacy -> Camera -> Prollenium.
How Do I Change my Home Clinic?

You are able to change your home clinic to claim rewards/a promotion at another clinic if you are unhappy with your current clinic.
Go to Profile -> Update HCP-> Let us know why you’d like to change your HCP-> Rate your current HCP-> and Send Update Request
We will review your request and allow a change of clinic if warranted.

How do I refer a friend?
Patients can refer their HCP to family and friends and earn Rewards. Epoxy tracks referrals sent, received and if they were redeemed. Automatically rewards the sender once the recipient uses the rewards and monitors the metrics.

provider benefits

true customer service

You choose Prollenium products for their visionary insight, premium quality and optimized usability. To support your business, and to thank you, we have developed a one-of-a-kind rewards program modeled around the same principles.

Prollenium® Rewards is an indispensable tool for any aesthetic business that provides tools to help you engage with and reward your clients.

Here's How it Works:

Your Patient, Your Rewards Program

With Prollenium Rewards your patient can only redeem rewards at your clinic.

Harness the Power of Patient Referrals

Your patients love you. With Prollenium Rewards, they are rewarded for bringing you new patient who will love you too.

Simple and Hassle Free

No more confusing points to count or coupons to redeem. No more wasted staff time redeeming promotions you have no control over.

Stay in Touch

Stay in touch with patients via push notifications. Send them custom notifications about promotions, rewards, or even appointment reminders.

Contact us to get started today!

Discover the new standard for comprehensive rewards.

Provider FAQs

The Customer's Rewards Appear to be Missing?
Since information is stored virtually and not on a customer’s device this would typically happen only under the following scenarios:

1. The customer has logged into a different account via email or social media – please ensure they are using the correct account

2. The customer’s device has very poor internet connection and cannot display updated information – you can ask the customer to keep their receipt and the Prollenium Tech Team can add the credit to their account via the Live Chat or they can contact us at app@prollenium.com

How Do I Contact Epoxy?
You can reach us by phone at 702-857-8802 or by email at app@prollenium.com
How Do I Contact Prollenium?
You can reach us at 905-508-1469 or by email at app@prollenium.com
How Do I Redeem a Credit/ Gift Card?
By clicking on “Balance” you will be presented with the total balance a customer has for your store. Next, click on the card with the balance that you would like to use.
How Do I Confirm a Customer's Account?
>Once you’ve selected the customer’s account, simply click on “Confirm Account”.
How Do I Scan an Employee Code?
Once you have opened the app and logged in or created a new account,
there will be a QR code symbol in the upper left. Select the QR code symbol to activate the phone’s camera and scan the QR code on your badge.