About Us

We believe in a job well done.

We believe a large part of Prollenium’s success comes from our strong values and the true connection that exists across our internal disciplines and extends to our customers. The quality and ingenuity of our products is positive proof of our genuine care and commitment to creating superior products and a job well done.

Our Values


We are singularly focused on discovering and applying scientific advancements to aesthetic dermal treatments. This focus delivers purposefully developed and carefully considered, products that are uniquely attuned to the ideals of our providers and their patients.


We work with a trusted worldwide network of physicians and nurses to continually improve our product lines by anticipating and responding to provider and patient needs. Our end-to-end, in-house team works on every aspect of product development from research and development to manufacturing, quality control, sales, and customer service. Our comprehensive point of view enables us to provide the superior and safe products that professionals need to deliver remarkable results.


We have the courage to take a different approach. We control our product development from inception through production with an agile and connected team. This ensures we are able to develop and improve upon products with exceptional speed, while maintaining direct oversight and rigorous quality controls. A substantial share of our revenue is invested in continually evaluating, improving and extending our offerings.


Our process reflects our commitment to promoting provider and patient confidence. Our products are made in limited batch sizes with a fully integrated process that aligns product development, manufacturing and quality control. The result is a product line, manufactured with rigorous testing and oversight, designed and produced to satisfy the highest quality standards.

Our Direction


At Prollenium, we consider our customers our partners. We understand that providers have valuable, hands-on insight into product performance, which can help us define benchmarks and considerations with development and refinement. That’s why we strive to have close relationships with our providers, leveraging real-world insight to design and produce products that are uniquely matched to anticipate and meet customer needs and preferences. See what some of our clients have to say about their experience with Prollenium products:

“I have been using Prollenium’s products for a couple of years now and my favorite products are Revanesse® Ultra and Revanesse® Contour. In my experience, Prollenium’s sales representatives are always professional, knowledgeable and attentive to my needs. Ultimately, I feel that Prollenium offers excellent products with great customer service, and I would certainly recommend them to my colleagues.”

– Yvonne Chan, MD, FRCSC
Department of Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery
University of Toronto


We re-invest a substantial share of our revenue into the research and development of fresh applications for new and existing biomaterials.

Our Medical, Marketing, Finance and Strategic Development departments work closely together to support our research and development programs. We collaborate, cross-discipline, to create holistic, global strategies for new products. We are dedicated to all of our products from early stage development and continued optimization and improvement throughout a product’s life cycle.

The Research and Development department brings together a multidisciplinary team of leading scientists, innovators and educators developing new product concepts and intellectual property, evaluating outside technology and assisting in the transfer of processes to manufacturing and the regulatory approval process.